Here in the UK, an open fa


Here in the UK, an open face fixture for domestic or professional use MUST have a method of preventing the glass escaping. They are designed to run enclosed, and have toughened glass for this purpose. In the pro world, it’s very common for bigger places (and union aware) to have H&S staff who would lot let you plug an open faced fixture in with no safety glass or mesh. It’s also simply stupid practice that can damage both people and flammable objects.

As has been said very clearly above – these things without protection are DANGEROUS – no messing around, dangerous. Over the years I’ve had hundreds of pro lighting lamps fail – when they fail, if you are lucky they just go out, but when you look at the floor after a failure and see a bit of glass that has melted into the studio floor, you get a healthy respect.

If you remove a safety glass and injure someone, do not expect your public liability insurance to pay out. You made a negligent choice and if somebody is hurt, it’s your fault. Despite your best attempts, people will still hit them by accident. Never recommend people to do such ridiculous things as remove the manufacturers safety feature because you think you know better – I understand the reasons for doing it – but the danger far outweighs any benefit.

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