Help you indeed it will! O


Help you indeed it will!

One thing you can look into to cut initial costs is to get short-term insurance per project. Though ideally, you want to get full-time general liability short-term insurance per project is an economical alternative until your outfit can afford annual coverage. There are a number of reputable insurers that can give you an inexpensive policy that will cover the duration of your shoot and also provide you with reasonable coverage under an E&O policy if you plan on having your final product distributed. The drawbacks are that said companies will not cover your production if you have stunts, firearms or pyrotecnics attached. A few will give a waiver if you have a separate policy, but acquiring stunt insurance is a whole other ballgame. The good points are you’ll have general liability for your equipment (we use mostly company owned gear, but on occasion have loaner or rented items to supplement), costumes (if any), damage (done by you) and many times ‘acts of God’ provisions. Insurance is an extra expense, but the peace of mind having it is worth it.

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