Hello well the response (l



well the response (lack of!) has been disappointing, but I have done a lot more playing around myself.

The problem appears to lie with ImageMixer – the software that comes with the camera – beacuse if I upload the MPG files through Windows XP S2 file Explorer, all is honky dory. Just attach the USB cable, & upload through XP, then I dropped the files from my computer into the editing software, and the issue is overcome.

When thinking about it all, I realized there were a heap of possible connection ‘failures’ The video appeared fine replayed on the camera, was fine replayed through the TV and s-video cable, then I wondered if it was one of my USB ports, but both USB 2.0 produced the same result, then I wondered if the cable was dodgy, but without a spare I couldn’t test that, then I really wondered about ImageMixer, so tried through XP – now I am rocking again, and not swearing about Sony, for it is Sony I blamed, so they should take care to ensure the software they ship with their products is bomb proof.


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