Hello, I’m a pro-videograp


I’m a pro-videographer. A few weeks ago I was hired to tape a Xmas event. Since I was filming from the balcony I used two remote mics which were posted near the stage to get better audio. I used a wireless mic (which has not previously caused any problems) and an wired mic with a cable length of about 75-100 feet. The cable was hidden so that no one could walk on it. Both mic inputs are XLR and the mics are high quality. When it came time to edit I noticed a very annoying “glitch” that would crop up from time to time in the production. It is sort of a popping sound that lasts about 1/10th of a second. Sometimes it would be infrequent, othertimes it would occurr every ten seconds or so. I had to spend a lot of time editing out these glitches. Has anyone else ever encountered this problem? Any guesses as to what caused it (e.g. the length of the cable on the wired mic?)? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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