Hello, I thought I would g


I thought I would give you my thoughts.
I would very much reconsider buying a XL1. Heres why. Based on my experience with them they are crap, not everyone may think so but they are. I was on a shoot for a 48 hour film project in san diego and the assistant camera man (I was DP)had a Xl1 to mach my camera. It did not work, it was very bad, to be kind. We had to shoot in very low light and I thought it would work out, but when we saw our film on the big screen I was very embaressed. Bcause it handels low light bad, color correction was off and crapy skin detal functions. They are just vey old cameras and have been out dated for a long time. I would look at a dvx100 or at least a xl2 since they are newer.
I just don’t think it will make you happy.
I hoped this helped.

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