Hello, I have installed V



I have installed Vegas Movie Studio HD
Platinum 11 and PowerDirector 10 and I am doing some tests.

It seems Vegas, although having a tough interface, have more resources and offer
more features to make movies

Could anyone inform if Vegas is able to handle
(if possible I would appreciate to know the path to achieve the features/tools
as well):

a) Is it possible to attach any identification
to parts of video or audio tracks, in order to identify easier these parts in a
big project? For instance, attaching to tracks labels “interview 1”,
“interview 2” etc. and after that to search/find these labels in an
easy way.

b) Is there any way to insert astrip/band with letters that is used to
introduce someone? (e.g. name / profession / organization that appear when
person is presented => John / Manager / Acme Inc.). The strip/band is showed
just for few seconds.

c) Is there any way to insert subtitles precisely?

d) Theres a Vegas version labeled Vegas
Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite. It seems the more difference is that
Sound Forge Audio Studio software is included together. Do you know if Vegas
native tools (without Sound Forge) are capable to handle audio editing in a
good way?

Thanks for information,


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