Hello Trit, When you join


Hello Trit,

When you join the military you can receive the Montgomery GI Bill. On active duty, I believe you must pay $100.00 a month for twelve months to qualify for that program. You use that money once you have completed your enlistment. There is also TA – tuition assistance. Another good program that is available to you as well. Ask you recruiter for “specifics” on how those programs work. Each branch is different, I highly recommend you check them all out before you make a decision.

Most branches have videography and still photography jobs. Iwas a recruiter for the Air Force Reserve and we have those jobs as well. BTW, as long as theschool you select is “accredited” you may use your GI Bill and TA.

There is a joint technical school for vid and if I remember correctly it’s out of Ft Meade, Maryland.



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