Hello: The problem is reso


Hello: The problem is resolved and I’m so happy. Nothing like a cold beer after resolving a 3 week long software problem. This is how I resolved the problem. I “finally” saw that my hard drive 0 was not set perminently to DMA; I had to go deep into the settings using Extreme Tech Support in order to “force DMA mode”; then I made both my hard drive masters and slaved my DVD ROM; I bought a standardized firewire cable; captured to my hard drive that don’t have the Vegas loaded on it; and it worked; 10 minutes of smooth capture and not a single dropped frame (at least today); I’m sure it will do just fine from this point on. Thank you all for your help/advice; I’m sure I’ll be asking more advice as I proceed on to editing; such as: I’m in the process of shooting a music video (my first); I want to shoot while the singer lip syncs to their song; what is the best
way to do this; should I play the music on a sterio/speakers, and record it along with the video? Should I let the music play, the singer lip sync, capture it, mute the sound, then add the music? I’ve heard that if the singer is lip syncing to their music, then that music is muted in edit and the real recording is overlayed, then because the device that is playing the music the singer is lip sync to had a different motor speed than the computer’s CD player, then the sound will be off. Or, should I capture the sound in Vegas using the same device that I used to play the music, which will play at the same speed, which should capture at the same speed? Then, also, after I have the sound in one file, and the video in another, how can I merge the two? Thanks. The rookie editor!

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