Hello Steve and thanks for


Hello Steve and thanks for your reply.

When you say ‘Nvidia processor’, what exactly do you mean? A dedicated GPU? If yes, which one?

My situation is simple.. I have to choose between a 5th generation core i3 processor with a dedicated GPU like GeForce 940M, or a similarly 5th generation core i5 processor without the GPU. The question is, which one would be a wiser choice for simple (amateur, not professional) video editing? Say you got various clips from cams and/or mobile phones and want to mix them into something nice for youtube purposes ..

Now, considering NLE software – I ‘m not sure yet, but probably some open source first and then maybe adobe premiere as it seems to be the standard.

Researching a little bit, it seems that all Nvidia GeForce 9x0M series support CUDA. See https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus

Also, Blender’s manual suggests that itis designed to take advantage of such capabilities.

See: https://www.blender.org/manual/render/cycles/gpu_rendering.html

So I guess that these cards are being used by the relevant software. So probably the GPU is more important than the faster processor… Am I right?

thanks ..

PS – Obviously a faster processor and a better card would be a great choice. However I am very much constrained in my choices due to a tight budget. The choice comes down to i3 with discrete GPU or i5 without..

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