Hello Rachel: I am NOT a t


Hello Rachel:

I am NOT a techie, nor a full-blown computer (PC or Mac) nerd, BUT I do know enough to tell you that primarily your assumptions are all correct. You have a handle on the audio aspect of things (of course, you’re a musician and undoubtedly have a golden ear – I don’t: one ear doesn’t work, relegating me to mono πŸ™‚ and I’m tone deaf more or less…).

My editing and production experience is based on standard definition SD, using Canon XL1 and GL2 SD camcorders with MiniDV digital acquisition, and a host of mics, standalone recording devices (Zoom H2/H4, etc.) but all on Mac gear & Final Cut Pro/related software.

Your last question: No. 6 – YES, I’m sure others will agree as this post comes to their collective attention. When you’ve done all your editing and finessing you will want to render differently based on using the finished videos for web vs DVD distribution. You will want a file rendered specifically for web use/download (though MP4 H.264 is some fairly decent quality stuff) and a “DVD Quality” file for burning and replication. Probably, dedicate an external hard drive to holding those files.

I have NO working knowledge of your system or software, other than being aware that Vegas and Sound Forge are GREAT tools. Some here know your system AND software and will soon pipe in as well. It does sound to me like, for your intent and purposes however, that what you have should be adequate.


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