Hello Ppl, Problem solved!


Hello Ppl,

Problem solved!!

Thank you for all the help & advise on how to correct the alignment problem I’ve been having.

After days of toiling with this issue I was sooo close to calling it quits (not video editing all together lol), so close to restarting the whole project over again. Thinking it was was something in the settings or the imported video files or maybe it was just me!! It was suggested that I should view my project with an external monitor, which I the little piggy bank doesn’t allow for right now.

What I did was to simply align the videos, select it in a looped region and Render To A New Track. It creates a new track in the timeline with all the correct alignments &itsaves it as a video file too. The only problem I have with this is that I can’t go back in & make any changes. Oh well, it’s better than nothing


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