Hello. New member here.


Hello. New member here. Glad I found this forum. I just started doing video again after a 15 year hiatus. I’ve been doing e-commerce for the past 6 and have just started to combine the 2 professions and it’s been fun so far.

I have a couple of questions regarding different projects I recently did and am wondering what to charge in the future. One project I recently worked on was a gift for my friends graduation but it got me thinking I could charge for this service in the future. It was a 6 song video montage for a graduation party. I scanned over 400 pictures (14 hours scanning time, + orginazation) Then about another 70 hours to edit. I know I can speed this up but this was my first video slideshow. All in all about 22 minutes worth of edits, zooms, transitions, etc. I put 2 songs online if anyone wants to see my first attempt… http://www.4edesigns.com/Video/Web.wmv Its about 28 megs so a high speed connection is needed to view.

I guess I need help trying to determine how to break down the packages for this service. I’m thinking of charging a per photo or per 100 photo charge if I have to scan the images. Charge less if they give me the images on disk. I’m not sure how I should break the packages down. Should I have a Basic , and Premium package or should I break it down into 3 packages (Price points)? I would also have them buy the music for their DVD.

Another service actually came to me as I am doing it for the same friend. I am converting and copying all his old VHS, 8mm and still images to a hard drive to put in his safe deposit box in case something happens to their home. Not sure what to charge for this service either.

I also recently did a 30 second spot for a client whos website I also redesigned. I created the music with acid, used the clients wife as talent, used Ultra2 for the chromakey work and one of Ultras virtual sets then did the final edit with Vegas 5. As this was my first project in over a decade I did it for a bit less than I probably should have. The commercial can be seen here… http://www.4edesigns.com/commercials.htm Note: its a quicktime video and I accidently bumped up the bkgrd music volume to high for the web. Oh the website is http:www.towerhousecomputers.com if you want to see it.

How much to charge for a 30 second spot?

I used my portable green screen
Rented an XL-1
Lit the set
Wrote the script
Edited on my computer (25 or so hours)
I created the music using loops (I know it probably sucks)
Shot it in the clients basement
Got it ready for cable.

Any advice and suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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