Hello mogamb123, welcome.


Hello mogamb123, welcome. This entire site is a great resource for video tips and production tips. But sometimes we just need to know right away. So you are encouraged to post. One of the great features of this forum is you will never be redirected. What do I mean?

In many help forums a new person will post a question, and almost all the time some one will answer.

I found this searching the files in 30 seconds, or I found the answer on Google in 10 seconds.

The idea and concept of a forum is to ask a question. A new poster does not know if it has been asked. Some people do not mind doing some digging first and that is also encouraged. But thus far Videomaker has been able to proudly say that posters are not told to search Google or the site directly.

If a post does not have enough information or it has something to do with the advance settings of your tools it may be suggested that you read the manual. But when you post a question rest assured you will be assisted, and not told to Google it.

Again Welcome and happy videoing.

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