Hello Mike. Sorry for the


Hello Mike. Sorry for the delayed response but other things have taken my attention (short as my attention span sometimes can be πŸ˜‰ but I wanted to let you know my first desire is to actually, someday, find the time and mental energy to tackle rebuilding ONE system into a retro-powerhouse system, with another as a backup. This may require raiding them all … actually, with the exception of my own original dual tower (one for the system, one to house the drives and some other stuff) all of these were working production systems when I acquired them. When I’d go to pay and pick up, the sellers around Southern California turned them on for me, took them through a few paces, answered questions I’ve now forgotten that I asked and have also forgotten their answers, but none-the-less they were/are all in working condition. That’s been awhile, however, so …

Anyway, I go two ways with what I have: five towers and one flat case, most of them with toaster and flyer guts, TBCs and other components; LOTS of software and guides and how-to books, as well as the Flyer Mastery Guide by Joe Tracy.

Two ways? I’d sell the whole shebang and occasionally look back regretfully for about $5K plus shipping; or after actually putting one main and one back up system together, parts out the rest, selling what I could to whomever needed it.

So, at least for now, I sell it all or nothing until I reinstate my own. Stay in touch with me. I do want to hear your adventures as you proceed with this. If/when I sell or reinstate, I will do the same.


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