Hello Max Going back to th

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Hello Max

Going back to the suggestions I made on the post mentioned by Jigme, I can honestly say that using Sketchup as your storyboard program is a great investment (especially on the budget). A storyboard made with Sketchup is quite simply the best way to explain your team members exactly what you have in mind and best of all, you can play around with camera angles before going to the field (you can even show the pre made animation to your team members). The Pro version has something called “Advance Camera Tools” (I don’t have pro so haven’t try it) which lets you play around even with focal length. With the free version you can still get a good idea about camera positions by using scenes. Another great thing about using Sketchup is the thousands of free 3D models found in the 3D Warehouse. Basically you will not need to model props because you can download many of them. The only thing is creating the whole set according to specifications and decorating it with props you downloaded form the warehouse. This is the part that takes some time, but in the end you will have such a clear idea of what you want to accomplish that you will know exactly what to do in the actual set. Give it a try, is free and very useful.

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