Hello LDPLDP: I prefer the


Hello LDPLDP: I prefer the on-site audio to a musical background for the exteriors and prefer a deathly silence in the interiors to any narration by me since I stress in the opening post of each Topic on The Real Estate Board that neither the videos nor the videographers represent either the buyer or seller of the properties shown and that only the listed owner, broker or real estate agent is legitimately authorized to represent the seller of the property. My roleas salesperson is limited to advertising and promoting the idea of usingvideos on the Internet as a tool for real estate brokers and agents to use in their rental or sale ofproperties.

Check it out for yourself here: http://therealestateboard.yuku.com/topic/420

Ialso prefer the panoramic scenes and opportunities that video provideswhen it comes to shooting real estate sincethe process of shooting anduploadingvideos to my website appeals to the video producer and network organizer in me. I am just as interested in advertising and promoting otherpeople’s real estate videos and websites as I ammy own. I put an ad for real estate videographers on Craig’s List last week andthree have already registered on http://dvdmoviemakers.yuku.com/so far.

Anyway, thanks for your advice and for sharing your interest in making real estate videos with us.

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