Hello John… I viewed a c


Hello John…

I viewed a couple, and based on what I surmise along with your general comments, I suppose this IS something you could develop, work into, eventually establish, but there ARE a few things you need to consider ASAP.

First and foremost, as soon as you possibly can get your video into larger windows for viewing, and I do realize you may have some limitations regarding bandwidth, your current web site service provider restraints, capacity, software and editing tools, etc. There are a LOT of options “out there” for generating larger windows, but it will be dependent upon your current acquisition and clip conversion resources. VERY difficult to see much in such a tiny window, and it isn’t likely, regardless of the contents, that a real estate agent/agency will be willing at ANY point to pay for your services if you do not enlarge your playback windows for clips.

Second, the frame rate isn’t smooth, and while the camera narrative and open mic traffic sounds may be no hindrance at this time, that too will need enhancement for quality and ease of hearing. Again, I am sure this has to do with your current level of compression, frame rates, etc. etc. but again, focus on improving this as soon as you can.

I think you are trying to post your written info in sort of a billboard style or effect, but it is way large and doesn’t need to be. It should be smaller, more uniform and keep the content tight, succinct and to the point. Not too much of the stuff that sounds like a midway carney but short, simple useful information. Show and tell, but let the realty people (especially since this is all for free right now) do the hawking, selling or descriptive stuff when someone contacts them regarding the property.

I do not want to sound harsh, nor do I want to disuade you from pursuing this. It is something with potential, and you seem to have a mind and focus on a specific personal intent. By all means go for it, but do, as soon as possible, find ways to improve, enhance, define and tighten. Good luck, and I am NOT being facitious.

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