Hello Jack


Hello Jack
Thank you for your kind words and advice there. Firstly sorry for the delay in response.
Secondly I agree with you there, and that my thinking has been conflicted by advice from a few people I know. That advice is to take any job that comes your way until you’re getting constant bookings and then raise your prices.
Meaning take as low as £300 or the £450 price mark until I’m recognized within my area.
My last few clients have given massive praise, shared and I’ve had requests from that, and I’ve had another who was happy to pay £600. But quite a few want a low pay wedding and will disappear if I say for example £600 for a full days wedding. I think I’ve learned to accept that some will not be happy and those clients I’m happy with not accepting.

I think personally if I continue with low paid weddings with the full works I’ll only get that low paid client who’s only willing to pay around that £450 or less mark.
I’ve already pushed away clients who want a wedding for less then £400 and I have been told of for not accepting them as I should be building up my reputation and portfolio. With that I think I’m learning now to take on my own advice and learn from what I’m doing rather then just taking on anything that comes my way.

I agree that you need to go where the money is and where the client is willing to pay for a professional instead of paying a low end fee for the hours involved in producing a wedding. I also agree that if you accept the cheap clients you’ll only get those clients, that seems to be what is happening at the moment. I really love the work I do and I equally love making a client happy but I don’t want to be branded as the cheap guy.

The options for what I am doing now is to run a competition and to get shares, likes and to get the businesses promoted but to keep my weddings at around £600 as a base price and to build from there.

Thanks for the advice there Jack, much appreciated and very helpful

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