Hello: I recently purcha



I recently purchased Sony Vegas 5.0 bundle. I have a new computer with tons of hard drive space, memory, a fast CPU, etc. I have a NVidia video card/128 MB DDR/4x-8xAGP/VGA-TV Out/Nview Dual Display.

When I enter into Sony Vegas 5.0, and select the Capture function, I can hook my Sony DCR TRV260 digital video camera to the USB port and watch the video streaming in and it looks just like I shoot it, smooth, and the sound is solid. But when I click on the Capture Video button, the video footage become choppy, and jerky. However, the sound is playing just fine. When I stop Capture and view what I’ve captured it also is choppy, jerky, the same as it was captured. Is there something in the settings that I need to change?

I tried using Video Maker, just to see if the footage would capture there just fine, but the results were the same; footage looked fine while streaming, but choppy, jerky in playback.

There’s nothing running in the background (I assume) of my system. I am not using the computer for anything else except for digital music recording, which I use on a different hard drive, which has Windows 2000, opposed to the Windows XP I use on the Sony Vegas hard drive.

Help, before I loose my… Thanks. brw459@yahoo.com

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