Hello, I have been holding


Hello, I have been holding out to buy a semi-pro camera for a while now. I am starting a travel business leading small group tours to Brazil, and decided now is the time to invest in a camera. I am looking for a camerathat is small yet rugged enough to partake on outdoor activities. I will mostly film during the day and outdoor, perhaps quite a bit of filming in moving vehicles too ( so I imagine I need some sort of image stabilizer). I plan on selling the videos to my customers, as well as uploading them to my website. I am not sure if I need to look into buying an HD camera?

Either way, I have around a $2,000 budget. I could save a bit more if I waited a bit longer to buy one, so if something is absolutely the right fit, but costs more then $2,000 feel free to let me know about it.

I would also like to eventually sell my footage to travel channels, which would mean they would have to be of broadcast quality. Any advice on what to get and what accessories to go with it would be great. I studied production in college, but its been a while. I am really looking forward to going back to it, and possibly making some money too! I really appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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