HELLO. I am seeking as m


HELLO. I am seeking as much feedback as possible on the following questions. any help/advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated. I am considering buying a camcorder but am very confused. Currntly I own a nice digital camera (Cannon Power Shot SD400 Digital Elf 5.0 mega pixel), which takes about 10 minutes worth of crystal clear digital video recording and sound with the 1 gb SD memory card I have in it. I usually record my Jiu-Jitsu training/sparring and then upload right to Iphoto on my Mac when I get home. I have been doing this for about a month. Then I am going to use I-Movie to edit the clips into what I want (highlight type videos). And occasionally I record some home movie type things of family stuff and so on.

1. I am thinking about buying a camcorder for this instead of using my digital camera. Which would be my best choice?
a) Mini DV camcorder
b) Hard drive camcorder
c) should I just buy a 2 GB SD memory card and keep filming/recording on my digital camera.

2. which of these formats would be easiest to upload into my (mac)computer ? (the digital cameras upload to of video to I-photo is extremely easy, which is what I am currently doing)?

3. which is the going to produce the best digital video quality for viewing after I upload the videos to my computer then edit them, then burn to dvd? And in general which is the the best digital video quatlity of the 3?

4. Because mini DV is a tape, is it as high quality digital video as the hard drive camcorder or my digital cameras video?

5. Again because mini DV is a tape, Can it be easily uploaded into my (mac) computer and/or my I-photo?

thank you for any help on this, I really have no clue and would be looking to spend less than 800 on camcorder I buy one.

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