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Feature length documentaries takes a considerable amount of time to make and you need to invest a couple of big bucks to get it done. Videomaker has wrote several articles about documentary production which you can take a look at. What Irecommendis to produce a simpledocumentary of your own liking to test the genre. Although you may not make any money out of it you will have fun doing it. In my case I recorded a mini documentary of a day with my grandfather. I’m will not make any money at all with it (I don’t want to), but that mini documentary is worth a lot for me and my family members.

Short films are to experiment, learn new skills and meet people. The chances of making money with short films is almost none. How many are making short films and uploading them to YouTube with hopes they go viral?

With music videos and news style packages you could make money without investing a ton of money. I also agree to avoid wedding videos because they do not generate a desirable income for the amount of work put into it. In my personal opinion (and experience) doing photo montages is an excellent way to make some income without to much hard work. The key is knowing how to market your montage services. I have a book called “Make Money Marketing & Producing Photo Montages: The Complete Guide”written by one of Videomaker forum moderators (Earlc) which has been incredibly helpful with ideas on how to market my photo montage services.

What I learn with my video production business is that you need to make money to invest money. Video equipment is expensive and if you spend your time making projects that will not make you any money, well you will be losing time, which means you will be losing money. The key thing in all of this is to have fun in every single project you do. That will always keep your business going.

PS: What’s your YouTube channel URL?

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