Hello folks, this the answ


Hello folks, this the answer from a Blackmagic design representative.

I had a refund from Bh Photo Video.



Thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately, this workflow will most likely never work for you.

The problem is, our products only work with native television broadcast
resolutions (we do not support computer resolutions) and our cards only
output in the YUV color space.

Computer displays that take a DVI input, will typically be looking for
computer resolutions, and while they may also accept tv resolutions, they
will also be looking for the RGB color space which is not going to come off
of our products.

Using a HDMI to DVI cable or adapter, will ‘bend’ the signal and change the
signal type, but it will not be able to address the color space issue.

This is most likely why you are seeing a red image on your display.

Hope this information was helpful.

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