Hello everyone. I apologiz


Hello everyone.

I apologize for ‘resurrecting’ this old thread, but if I may,I would like to ask a question of all you Apple owners.

Generally speaking, how is Apple’s support?

I am not in the market to purchase at the moment, butdoes Apple let one purchase a base-model unit, and then add one’s own components?

Apple wants$6,100.00 for 32 GB of RAM,and they also want about $300.00 for a 1TB hard drive. One can getSeagate 1.5TB HDD’sfor about$129.00 each (with a five year warranty); and I am sure Crucial RAM is faster.

If one was hypotheticallyto purchase a Mac Pro with the minimum amount of RAM and HDD’s,would Apple be happy to provide support if one then purchased additional RAM and HDD’s after-market? Or would they look to void out the warranty, and discontinue support?

Also, does anyone know how HP does with that sort of thing?

Thank you very much,


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