Hello… Checked out the P



Checked out the PCWorld UK web site you posted and pretty much any or all of the digital camcorders listed would probably suffice. Sounds like you guys could have a LOT of fun with this. I’d dearly love to do something like that sometime, but most of the people I know, and especially the ones in my age bracket are a bunch of stuffed shirts. Ah, well…

If I were to pursue what you plan to do, my personal choices would be led by the Canon HV30 (a camera I LOVE to promote), as well as the Canon HF10. Others I saw that I know of people, or friends who have or have used one or the other, include the Sony SR210, SR10E or SR11 and SR12; Panasonic SDRH280; and the JVC HD10EK or HD30EK.

Look forward to seeing the outcome of your fun production. Keep us informed.

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