Hello Charles, nice and sw


Hello Charles, nice and sweet video thanks for sharing. Earl and others offered all the right points, I would like to share a link to some great royalty free music.
Kevin MacLeod is the music producer and he has the terms of use on his site for his music, I think he has the best license for music out there.
Due to the changes in copyright laws I have taken to using only his music. Thus far it has all worked out for me. That said I do feel that a love story has a greater impact with music in the background. As an experiment try this. Watch a movie like “Notebook” or some other love story with the sound off, (most love stories rely heavy on music) and you will FEEL the impact.

I myself have produced several love stories, I am not sure of the total I have done. One thing I do with ALL my love stories, etc, I let the couple watch a beta cut with me. I watch their reaction to the film. (I then finish the project with their reaction in consideration and also add in the stuff I left out in beta to give them more). One think I learned about love stories for couples, more is better. In my first few I kept it at 10 minutes and under, most couples were oh hum, they felt it did not capture them. I bumped it up to 15, in the end I found the sweet spot at 20 minutes divided in thirds. 1/3 her, 1/3 him 1/3 both. In the him her parts I did cuts back and forth of both of them telling their story. I never have the couple together when filming their background (how we met, why I love him/her, first date, first kiss) I film both on same day but without the other around. I then crop the stories together based on the parts they are telling, a back and forth type give and tell. Their stories NEVER match and the couples almost laugh themselves silly.

But I thought many of your shots were excellent. I would indeed add music. I can’t post my love stories due to the fact that I used copyrighted music in those and youtube is killing me over the use of copyrighted music, so I removed all they had flagged, but I think music would give you the warmness.

The funnest love story I ever did was that of an American girl and her groom to be from Japan. he spoke English but had trouble with syntax, so he was very funny. And their “how we first met” stories were so far off it was priceless. I ran it at 20 minutes and when they watched it, it was laughter to tears and back to laughter. They were awesome to watch while watching it.

But I feel you are on the right track, and remember the first few are always looked back upon and you will say, “I wish I had done…”

But good work.

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