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Hello bustosdomec

How great, I did exactly what your asking last week (and many times before). The AX2000 does not have firewire so you need to use either the RCA ports or HDMI. If you use RCA, the Grass Valley converter should work, BUT you will need a program that can read the signal coming from the camera. Programs such as BoinxTV or CamTwist (Free) should identify the feed coming from the device (which is connected to the Firewire port).

If you want to use HDMI, more expensive equipment comes in. Since you have a 2011 Macbook Pro, it has a Thunderbolt port (which is extremely fast), you will be able to use a device such as Blackmagic Intensity Extreme to broadcast in full HD. This device should be read by all streaming softwares (Boinxtv, Quicktime Pro, Ustream, etc). Is a little expensive, but it should work and you will be able to use RCA cables too.

If your budget is tight, then you can use an EasyCap. Don’t expect too much, it only gets the job done with a somewhat mediocre video quality. Audio needs to be recorded with an external device for best quality. This had worked for me every time, although the Intensity Extreme is in my wish list (after I get a new Mac). For more info about streaming live over the Internet visit this post. I talk about live streaming in more detail. If you have more questions go ahead and reply to this message.

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