Hello Alan, I’m developing


Hello Alan, I’m developing a program to pursue this market and you can view the basis of my approach at my website at Webpage Billboards. It might give you some ideas of what to charge or where to take it. While my services are MORE in one way, and MORE BASIC in another, I think it is a viable solution especially for small business owners and operators, even people who are doing business out of their homes with hobby and skills related focus. It is one of several resource books I’m developing on a wide range of video production and marketing interests ranging from weddings (of course) to funerals, to montages and video/website services for small businesses.

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The best stock video sites — 2020

Stock video sometimes gets a bad wrap in the filmmaking community. In reality, however, we see stock video used every day in any number of applications. Below, you'll find our selections for the best places to look...