Hello again…this is a fo


Hello again…this is a follow-up (kinda) of a post I’d written a while ago as well as searching the forum for others’ posts.

Some of my video clips outside of the TV safe area do not look good because some edges are missing. That’s not tragic because on the TV it shows great. However, if someone pops the DVD into a computer they can see all the missing corners.

Compusolver (and I hope you’re reading this!) X-D suggested that if I’ve gotta make my video work, try the "zoom" feature. Well, I tried that (using Video Effects) and here’s where I need help again. The zoom is not constant. The clip is actually zooming in or out as the video plays. How do I apply the zoom so that the entire clip remains zoomed? I need to knock off the edges that are blackened or missing.

Maybe it’s the version of Premiere Elements that I’m using? 1.0

Thanks if anyone can help. πŸ™‚

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