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There may be no real answer to your question due to the number of variabilities. Consider your location, the intended distribution of your final product, the level of production (prosumer video to 35mm motion picture), the amount of experience or star power of the person hired for each of the positions, independent contractor or a whole production company. Narrators may be in the Screen Actors Guild, which defines minimum rates.

Most experienced professionals will provide a rate card that will break down their day rates. You can offer a flat fee for the whole project, or pay by the hour. You are also likely to be able to negotiate with some pros. Even big name Hollywood types occasionally do projects for little or no money because they believe in the project. You might also be able to offer participation points in the project (payment through partial ownership of the profits).

If you are looking to hire people for a smaller production or independent film, you may get help for free through sites such as Craigslist.org or a posting in a local newspaper. College bulletin boards are also good options.

Ultimately, you could pay from $0 to Millions for each crew or cast position. Decide on a budget that works for your production, then go from there. If you have to rearrange funds to court a certain person, then you can.

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