Helen, That’s what I thou



That’s what I thought. I’m not sure if you know this but just in case you don’t, if you have issues with the edges of some video, you can scale it up which will move those edges off the screen. Just because you see that the scale is at 100% doesn’t mean that you can’t go bigger. You can still scale it up even further. You just can’t do it with the slider. You won’t have to scale it up to far as to start messing with the quality of your clip.

Please keep in mind that I’m doing a lot of assuming here but I’m thinking that elements should be able to do this only because its big brother Premiere Pro can. Take your mouse pointer and hoover over the bluish 100% number above the scale slider. Click and hold your mouse button and the pointer should go to a double looking pointer. Now just move the pointer to the right or left depending on if you want to go bigger or smaller and you should see the frame grow or shrink. Why they don’t have it so that the slider can do this is beyond me. You would think they would have the slider in the center representing the 100% number. Oh well!

Good luck!


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