heh. yep, i’ve already got


heh. yep, i’ve already got my subscription paid :).

the cameras will be here any day. i think need a good lapel mic.

as far as lighting, man there’s a lot to learn! i’m going to dedicate a room in the house for a studio, so after i get the lighting right once, then i’ll leave it. this is about the simplest type of project one can do. i’m thinking about building a green screen and doing most everything there.

on the software, i’ve got adobe premeire pro on my computer now. i bought a copy of adobe premeire for the mac used ($25), and for 199 upgraded to the 2.0 version for windows. whatever happens, i’ll stick with that. i also picked up some digital juice toolkits, so i’ve got a lot more than i need at this point (i hope).

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