heh. just bought another


heh. just bought another panasonic pv-gs320 for $425 delivered. so now i’m a two camera man!

as far as the audio, i’m really not sure what to do. i obviously cannot use the camera audio. and there’s no input on these for a microphone (strange that they’d put 3ccd in a camera, which is normally a feature in the $1000 price range, and then not have a microphone input). but the reviews on video quality for this are pretty strong. it’s in a mini dv format.

i’m not sure what to do about the audio. some of my material is going to be lecture type, and i’ll have to record audio concurrently with video, and disable the microphone input on the cameras.

i’ve bought a few titles on video production from amazon after thorough research. i really feel i’ve spent my money well. i bought "Lighting for Digital Video & Television, Second Edition (Paperback) by John Jackman", a book with outstanding reviews.

obviously, i’ve got a ton to read and learn. so far, i’ve got 2 cameras, adobe premier 2.0. more computer than i’ll need, several highly touted books on production, and a digital juice toolkit. total investment around 1500 so far. part of the fun here is the inventiveness to do it on a shoestring. i’m expecting to use quite a bit of duct tape to hold the whole project together :).

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