Heh, don;t really got o fi


Heh, don;t really got o film, that is a whole new problem to deal with. You are wanting to do filmmaking right? If you have the money the XL2 is unparalleled. honestly take a look at the XL2 tour. You could do a lot with it. It is designed to allow for the "film look" and it has the control and the felexbility that you would want, as a blooming professional.

Just out of curiousity what camera were you looking at?

The one suggestion I will make straight off the bat is that in order to really work with your video like it is film, take the time to convert it to the correct "format".

This means the following. Any mini DV is going to produce a DV formatted video which is 720×480, and ussually interlaced. But with any good NLE you can convert video to a god format which would be as follows (for widescreen which is necessary for the film look): 24 progrssive scan, 854X480 (yeah change the resolution to full resolution instead of the standard anamorphic) and make sure you leave it uncomporessed.

This will take up a lot of hardrive space, but you should they be able to work with the best possible film format. and it makes visual effect a whole lot easier. I have close to a terrabyte of space on my computer and I am building a file server to house another 1.6 terrabytes.

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