Heavier camcorders are gen


Heavier camcorders are generally easier to keep steady. It really comes down to physics. It’s easier to move (shake) a pebble than a boulder. But in terms of camcorders, in my experience, the difference between a relatively small PD170 to a Canon XL2 are somewhat noticeable, but not enought to justify spending 3 grand more (or whatever it is). Also, you really don’t see a big difference until you’re shooting with broadcast cameras. We’re talking somewhere around 18 pounds and above compared to the consumer 4 pounds and below camcorder.

I’d try to find an inexpensive way to add more stabilization for whatever your shooting with and practice, practice. See this link for an example of what you can add to your existing camera for cheap. http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~johnny/steadycam/

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