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The way you deal with shooting in clubs is to white balance off of the white spot (if they have one.) If not, then you have to WB off of the house lights just to establish white. Same steps with exposure and focus. Ideally, you want to get there when band is doing sound checks before the show so you can get all of this stuff worked out. Your main camera you put in a set place on a tripod and get your focus worked out, then don’t move the tripod or change the focus settings. If you can’t leave the cam on sticks until the show starts, write down the distance and apeture so you can reset them when you put it back on the ‘pod. When you’re wide or medium and full red, blue or green light comes on it’s going to look blurry because the CCD’s in your camera are over stimulated (too… much of… one color! can’t hold… for long!) Just open the apeture enough to get a good exposure for the white spot and the rest will take care of itself.

From what I saw, you did just fine though I could see you were ‘wiggin’ when the red light came on trying to get it into focus. Also, especially with a single camera shoot with a close setup like that, your shots are; wide establishing shot at the start of the set, then it’s medium shots and close ups on the band members. When someone is singing or soloing, stay on them until the chorus or emphasis changes to someone else.

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