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Earl pretty much called it. In CS5 (Soundbooth) you can bring down some of the noise level and try to normalize the signal to a small degree. At best though, you can only ‘fix’ it enough from being god-awful to maybe just terrible. Audio workstation software like Soundforge (PC only) or Pro-Tools (PC-Mac) can help bring it down to just ‘bad’ with a lot of tweaking.

Ultimately, audio is far less forgiving than video. The old saying ‘crap in is crap out’ goes triple for audio. Next time either adjust your audio levels in camera (if it has the capability) by manually turning them down or using the auto level setting. Test it out prior so you don’t get any nasty surprises like this one.

Best thing is to have a small portable mixer to patch between the mainboard and whatever you’re recording to. At the minimum you’ll be able to turn down the input levels to something you can work with. I know it doesn’t help your current dilemma, but it will help out tons on the next go round.

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