He said in the video that


He said in the video that if this was done in America it would be on the cover of Newsweek.

It is done in America. My real father dragged me all over the country, in the 70’s we landed outside Houston Texas, during that time there was a massive use of boys for unheard of acts, I was one of those boys, my father was the front man and a friend of his was the handler for group I was in. Last count there were several (some say thousands) of bodies dumped on Ave J, the street I lived on. My father took the lives of 5 total. Some I saw. (he died two years ago, a day of freedom) In many areas of America there is an underworld of children traffic and this is in the 100’s of thousands, the United States is the largest exporter of child traffic, with Atlanta being the largest hub.

It is focused on in other countries because it would be too hard for people here to admit to happening in their own back yard. And there is no money and the red tape to help the kids here is too much. We do hear of cases now and then, but my dad’s reason for “selling” me was the same as most parents here in America, money, my dad needed money.

I do feel for all people everywhere that have to endure at the hands of man, but it happens in every country, some countries hide it better.

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