He is capturing from a vcr


He is capturing from a vcr, so firewire is not an option. I have copied a few tapes to the computer and had the same problem, my video editing program would not detect the capture card / port. I would go with RS and see if windows movie maker can find it, then just capture it as dv for the best quality and you can then edit it or enhance is in Premiere. I think when I did it I was able a basic program like ulead video studio and it would work with an analog capture card, then I edited it in another program. You can probably get a trail version that will be good enough to capture.

Remember most standard vcrs didnt have even an s-video port. Its an analog recording so its going to be an analog capture. Its not even the firewire that is giving you the excellent quality, a camera with a usb connection could do the same thing. Your not really capturing when using firewire or usb, more like copying data from the tape to the computer with no conversion. When capturing from a vcr, your converting a analog signal to digital, then compressing it (usually) in some way.

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