HDV tape at $10 a pop does


HDV tape at $10 a pop does not look any better than DV tape at $2 or $3 each. Digital is Digital. DATA is recorded to the tape, just ones and zeros. I've had HDV cameras for 5 years and have never used an "HDV tape". Have always used DV tape only to record HDV. 


So why do they make "HDV" tape? It is supposedly a higher grade of tape stock. This has NOTHING to do with video quality – the same digital ones and zeros get recorded the same to either tape. The ONLY difference would be less chance of a "dropout", or glitch in the recording, but I  rarely get any dropouts as it is.  And a speck of dust  on the record head is still a speck of dust regardless of tape stock being used and can still cause a dropout. So save your money and use a good grade of DV tape. Many swear by Sony DV Excellence. I've had good luck with the Pansonic DV63 professional stock. 




Jeff Pulera

Digital Vision

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