# HDV features require 1GH


# HDV features require 1GHz or faster processor and 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)

This is from the apple site regarding specs for editing HDV.

The difference between traditional clock speeds (P4, Xeon) and the new core duo procs is their efficiency. A new Core Duo can beat out a dual 3Ghz Xeon or high end AMD. You cannot judge a systems performance on clock speed anymore. Apple and AMD has been trying to beat this misconception for a while AMD does it with their processor nomenclature. Such as a 2.16Ghz Athlon is called a 4000+ meaning it is faster than a 4ghz P4. Its confusing i know.
As far as disk speed goes with editing HDV the disks dont need to be that fast the data rate is only 18-25 Mbs a second so even a 5400rpm drive will hadle it fine although it is always best to use a dedicated 7200+rpm drive for storing video which it sounds like you have with the 200GB external.
All this being said a Core Duo will scream while editing HDV.

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