HD video in Premiere is a


HD video in Premiere is a problem (raw or compressed), regardless of the speed and assets of your machine. I have torn my hair out on this as well. I came across a technique that is used by production houses since the conversion to the digital age of analog video scrubs. It works really well. Premiere Pro (not sure about Elements), has a feature where you can use low resolution proxy files you create so that all of your edits and colour corrections go smooth without making your machine sluggish. In fact a regular fast single core will work just fine, however when it comes time to render the file to the output video flavour you want, a fast machine is paramount. You can search for terms like adobe proxy or offline editing keywords or you can read the article I wrote on my web site http://www.homedvd.ca/resources/tips/create_proxy_files.

I hope this helps

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