HD space nowadays is dirt


HD space nowadays is dirt cheap. If you are in the US and aiming at youtube, then I'd switch to 30fps 1080p and maybe H264 for a combination of good quality and modest file size – but I rarely worry now about file size – TB drives are cheap, so why mess up your 'futurebility' with a decisions now that time limit your videos. H264 works pretty well with quality images, but as Charles says, if your video has noise, this is identified as fine detail and the attempt at processing produces nasty artefacts. 

One question. What do you want the videos to do? Showcase the sound of the music, feature you as the musician, or show how it's recorded (or something else). This sets how you should do it. For music purposes, then artistic images are needed. For showcasing musical prowess, then the lighting needs to be improved. The background can also enhance or annoy. So many things you can consider.

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