Hay Guys, I know this trea


Hay Guys,
I know this tread is old, but I’ll still add my 2 bobs worth – again
First of all I have been using Studio9 Plus for quite a while now and have had no problems at all.
I have had a few crashes and I believe it was because I was too impatienet and pushing the computer to do too much at once.
I have found that if I let the computer do the back ground rendering on major edits first – you know, that green section in the time line that turns yellow, everything is fine. I have actually turned off the background rendering, and have had no crashes at all.
As far as downloading my video -AVI all the way why the hell compress video footage at the editing state – especially if the projects are short enough to convert to DVD without compression at the final stage.
Oh and by the way yes you can do 16:9 projects – but you have to select the format before you even put video in the time line.
Using Pinnacle capture card with Adobe Premier – doubt it very much. My Studio card came with Edition – I cam from Studiom MP10 and found Edition too confusing for what I wanted to do, well actually, I thought it was a hunk of junk. I tried Premiere and it would not work. The Australian distributers had drivers for Prem, so I tried it – still over the top. Went to the Australian Prem, for Liquid Edition and Studio 9. Walked away with a copy of Studio 9 under my arm and have never looked back.

I have just recently upgraded to Studio 10.7 (Titanium edition) and have no issues either. Changed to Studio 10 as it lets me combine NTSC and Pal video in the one project. Also like the high definition of the text and photo’s , not to mention making DIVX movies, DVD, in different screen formats.
Have not had compatability issues with any produced DVD’s and have no problem making Menu’s etc.
The only wish list item I have for Studio – perhaps version 11, is the ability to add extras video lines. I do a lot of slide shows and at times an extra video line or two to put photo’s in would be great. I do have a work around by using the two video and title lines , render them as an Avi file, put it into the time line and use the second video line and title line to add more photo’s. Yes it’s a little fiddly, but it works and I am very comfortable using it.

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