–Having separate drives


–Having separate drives (physical or logical/partition) is the way to go. It will help to keep your system from getting sluggish. Your cache files are constantly changing. Your work files typically change. While your system and program/application files only change when updated. This is true no matter what operating system you use.

–Having cache files on a separate drive is a great idea. I do not see a need to backup cache as they are temporary files. In fact, clearing out or cleaning your cache files on a regular basis is recommened.

–Having your Operating System and Programs/Applications on their own drive is also a great idea. This drive can be reconstructed by reinstalling everything. However, the settings must be set by hand. A backup of this drive is only highly recommended. I highly recommend it only because of the time involved in getting all of those pesky settings right.

–The last drive that I would suggest is a work drive. You can further add more drives as needed for workflow. But this is more of a personal choice than anything. Maybe divide the work up by project. Or maybe having things divided up by the program used, as you suggested. But again, this depends on your workflow. Backing this drive up on a more than regular basis is a necessity. Your source files are irreplaceable. Your time is valuable. Why would you chance losing hours or days worth of work?

–And, offsite backups are the way to go. Another building or house or even a cloud storage. I have heard far too many people doing the right thing with backups and losing the backups to a tragedy.

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