Having read the FAQ on thi


Having read the FAQ on this, it looks like if you make a dvd on a dvd-r at home, and you don’t have the license you can’t put the DVD logo on your home made dvd.

But, if you make a dvd at home, and then have a company duplicate the dvd for you, and they have a license, you can put the dvd logo on it.

This seems like one good reason to go to a duplication company, rather then try and burn 1,000 dvds at home.


The logo is not required. It has nothing to do with copywrite issues.

The dvd logo is also just a logo to tell people that the dvd meets specs and has been verified according to some standard. You could put your own logo that says: "DVD compatible" or something and even make it slightly similar. Seems possible that whoever you are selling it to, might not care if it has that nifty trademarked DVD logo on it.

I have some dvds from Europe, small indie films, etc, that don’t have that logo–yet they work fine. No one cares because the niche content is so small….

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