Have you looked at the Bla


Have you looked at the Black Magic Design products? If you are on a small budget certainly take a look at BMD. Their BMD TV Studio runs less than $1000 and their next model up (the one we use here at MFPTV) the BMD ATEM 1 M/E video switcher is outstanding and runs about $2500. Are you considering the TriCaster 450 portable, 450 Extreme and what about the control surface?

Regardless, of which video switcher you use you need to be aware of what format it supports (HDMI, HDSDI, SD, SDI) and what the inputs are. If your camera only outputs HDMI (i.e. 1080i) and the switcher only accepts 1080p what converts do you need? If the switcher only accepts SDI you need an HDMI to SDI convertor etc. I didn’t see anything on your list for graphics generation or playback (yes the TriCaster has some graphics capabilities but…). What type of channel will it be – will a teleprompter be needed? Will the cameras be stationary and how far from the video switcher – you will need cable runs for each.

There’s a lot to be considered and a whole lot you just dont think about until after you get a good ways down the road.

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