Have you hired/used any of


Have you hired/used any of the LED lights yet? I would, I have a mate who works for the local camera+gear distributor and I tried them for a few hours,  PRO Very Light, NO Heat, the dimmer was cool, the Daylight/Tungsten colour temp switch was nice, NO broken bulbs |||  CONS Each fitting was $1300, barndoors were useless, NO throw (the brightness fell of very quickly 4.5m/15ft) the construction didn't feel well made concidering the price.


With the interviews do you travel/location shoot much? If so whats the transport car/van/plane etc
How often would you use the battery? are you a one man show, I got kino flo copies on ebay for $500 and been very happy with them.


For me I've thought about making the jump to LED but to get battery operation (main advantage) you lose so much brightness.   NOTE I'm not anti led i'm just not convinced that the good ones are worth the money being asked and that the cheap ones are good enough.  That said I could easly se that advantage in having 2 $3-400 chinese lights in the kit – they just wouldn't be my main lights.


Just my 2 cents ~ Peter

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