Have you ever had trouble


Have you ever had trouble in the past or is this your first time trying to do this?

Im going to assume that you have the timeline all rendered out. If you see tiny red bars just under the workspace bar in the timeline window, then that means you dont. To really get a clean export from a timeline, you need to have it all rendered and there should be nothing but tiny green bars. Whats seems strange is that youre saying that everything looks good except the transitions. That almost sounds like youre not rendered out.

You do have the project settings set correct right? You have it set for video rendering via DV NTSC.

I dont have a deck but I have exported my timeline AVI clips back to my camera via firewire without any problems. Have you tried exporting to a camera instead of a deck? This will help you in narrowing down where the problem is. It could be something with your deck is set wrong, which I don’t think is the case here.

When I mentioned what export format youre using, Im referring to whether you are exporting as some type of mpeg format or the DV AVI format. Since you’re trying to go to a deck, Im assuming that youre going out as a DV AVI file.

Another thing you could try is to render and export that timeline to your HD somewhere. Then start a fresh project and import that file you just created on your HD back in. Then try exporting that out to your deck.


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