Hank, This is as good dis



This is as good discussion!

The slow download that dial-ups experience with these images had not entered my thinking. Definitely, should be a consideration. Personally, I just skip these images coming at me at time warp speed since I know what’s coming even faster than time warp speed! Still, I think some newcomers to this forum might say something like WOWWWWW and get off the dime with their project when they see this stuff for the first time.

As for scaring off beginners in general from this forum, IMO there is PLENTY of empirical evidence to the contrary. }:-)

I could live with fencing off the film clip links and over the top images. But I am smitten big time by the current mix.

Sir, I respect your view and of course will be hanging around however this goes. Also, I don’t want you to scratch me off the list prematurely if you ever option your life story to potential producers.


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